Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Philanthropic Development Office (BSH PDO)

Peace Building and Human Rights

The programme aims to resolve injustice in non-violent ways embracing the principles of human equality and dignity and the commitment to respect and protect the rights of all people.

The three network centers intend to focus on the following program:
  • BIRDS – Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • CARE – Hindupur, Telangana
  • THEMBAVANI – Mayiladuthurai, Tamilnadu

The program focuses on promoting social cohesion and enabling communities to become inclusive and resilient. It envisages preventing people from human rights abuses and address the structural, systemic conditions that give rise to human rights violations, in relations with conflicts and peace building processes.

The UDHR and guidelines of peace-building commission of UN offer us a strategic framework in facilitating human rights, justice and peace.

Summary of strategies and activites are as follows:

Human Rights and peace education in school and college

Commemoration of international human rights day and peace day

Organising conference and synopsium on inter faith dialogue

Developing modules on peace and human rights education

Starting peace groups on communities

Training peace and human rights activists