Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Philanthropic Development Office (BSH PDO)

Natural Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

The goal of Natural Farming and sustainable advocacy is to work with integrated system of plant and animal practices to enhance environmental quality and natural resources though sustainable agriculture.

The four network centers intend to focus on the following program:
  • Vincent Farm – Mukkavar, Tamilnadu
  • Agri-Farm – Caussanelpuram, Tamilnadu
  • Michael Farm – Athipet, Tamilnadu
  • Agri-Farm – Varadahalli, Karnataka

The program focuses on increasing the stewardship of land and natural resources by maintaining and enhancing their quality and using them in ways that allow them to be regenerated for the future. Natural farming gives equal weight to environmental, social and economic concerns in agriculture, while ensuring food security to the present society without compromising the ability to generate future needs.

Summary of strategies/ activities are as follows:​

Land development through green manures and compost preparation

Crop rotation pattern

Application of organic manure / organic fertilizers and biological pest control

Rearing of livestock on natural feedstuffs without use of chemical additives

Making models of organic farming and demonstrating for awareness creation.

Networking with organic farming initiatives , institutes and research centers.