Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Philanthropic Development Office (BSH PDO)

Lay Leadership and Faith Formation

The lay leadership and faith formation programme aims to bring lay people to deeper living of their Christian vocation in the world and to prepare them for more faithful and effective lay leaders in the Church.

The three network centers intend to focus on the following program:
  • ARULCHANDUR NILAYAM – Paramakudi, Tamilnadu
  • THEMBAVANI – Mayiladuthurai, Tamilnadu
  • ARPUTHA YORTHAN – Caussanelpuram, Tamilnadu

The significant role that the lay people play in the life and ministry of the Catholic Church requires the ongoing formation of lay leaders.

The program, in addition providing training and education, emphasis on setting up a foundation of leaders who could then inspire the vibrancy within others.

Strategies in facilitating this programme are as follows:

Allow lay people to explore their experience in faith by expanding and deepening their understanding of their ministry for the service of the church.

Guide individuals and groups through theological insight towards its integration into their personal spirituality.

Building Families with faith and values spreading the values of Sacred Heart through FSH

Promote compassion and charity towards neighbours like visiting sick.