Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Philanthropic Development Office (BSH PDO)

Institutional Care and Support for Destitute

The main purpose of Institutional Care and Support for destitute is to create positive loving environment were abandoned and neglected children and aged people feel at home. We provide residential care, schooling and vocational formation.

The four network centers intend to focus on the following program:
  • PLANET HOPE – Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • PLANET WINGS – Chennai, Tamilnadu
  • St. Thomas Home for the Aged – Kurichy, Tamilnadu
  • JEEVA JYOTHI – Caussanelpuram, Tamilnadu

The program focuses on residential care for needy orphans, destitute and people at risk, particularly children and aged. Inmates are provided with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. Inmates come from abusive families of who is migrant labour working in unorganized sector. The focus of this program is to enable the destitute a smooth transition into a new life.

Beneficiaries are:

  • Orphan Children
  • Destitue Children
  • Elderly

Summary of the strategies / Activities include the following:​

Complete Residential Care with quality services

Schooling programme based on age, interest and aptitude

Vocational Skills development and linking to job market

Personality development through sports and co-curricular activities

Reintegrate into family and societies