Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Philanthropic Development Office (BSH PDO)

Comprehensive Care and Treatment for HIVAIDS

The goal of Comprehensive care and treatment for HIV/ AIDS is to improve the quality of life of the people and children living with HIV/AIDS ceasing the progression of clinical disease and decreasing HIV related morbidity and mortality rates. We provide medical care and improving health of HIV and AIDS.

The two network centers intend to focus on the following program:
  • BIRDS-HEAL – Gulbarga, Karnataka
  • THOZHAMAI ILLAM – Caussanelpuram, Tamilnadu

The program focuses on offering person living with HIV to have quality care and treatment with dignity. Through appropriate medication and staying in care, we help people with HIV to keep the virus under control. Further, children of PLHIV are offered residential care with counselling, schooling and vocational skills, so that they are free from stigmatization and reintegrated into community.

Beneficiaries are:

  • People living with HIV
  • Children of person living with HIV

Summary of the strategies / Activities include the following:​

Targeted testing programme in non health care settings, particularly venues most likely to reach individuals with undiagnosed infection.

Early HIV screening for pregnant women

Screening for other STDs , hepatitis and tuber culosis in conjunction with HIV testing.

Linkages to care and treatment and interventions to improve retention in care and treatment for people living with HIV

Intervention to prevent mother to child HIV transmission

Referral to other medical and social services such as substance abuse and mental health services.

Community level interventions to reduce risk behaviours.

Community Mobilisation to raise awareness, fight stigma, and encourage safe behaviours

Capacity building assistance for local HIV prevention service providers