Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Philanthropic Development Office (BSH PDO)


Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was founded by Rev. Fr. Adrian Caussanel SJ, a Jesuit French missionary in 1903 at Palayamkottai, South Tamilnadu – India to spread the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to empower the poor and the marginalised.


For the past 117 years the Brothers have expanded their service in the 7 States (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar) of India through 150 institutions in Two Provinces, one Mission Station and one Frontier Mission in France.

PDO Staff

Our Vision

We envision a journey of people and organizations as channels of blessing where dreams and opportunities bring life with dignity and fullness to all.

Our Mission

We envision a journey of people and organizations as channels of blessing where dreams and opportunities bring life with dignity and fullness to all.


Our Philanthropic Development Office is guided by a set of core values that drive the organization toward better future:

  • Hold ourselves responsible to organizational integrity and stewardship through transparency and accountability.
  • Adhere to highest moral, ethical and professional standards in network programs.
  • Value and encourage fuller participation of communities, organizations and individuals to ensure excellence in work.
  • Cherish diversity and treat all people with equal consideration and dignity.
  • Commit to teamwork and effective partnership between all stakeholders.
  • Respect and promote natural farming and sustainable agriculture.

Organizational Chart

What We Do?

We're On A Mission To Solve The Problems

Membership & Awards

  • Strategic Membership
  • Participation in Government/Corporates/Organisations - related to our advocacies
  • Awards


  • Corporate Donors
  • Institutional Donors
  • Alumni Members
  • Inter-Congregational Donors
  • Catholic Church Funding Agencies

Spring Rain Global

SRG is a consulting firm who specialises in providing Financial Planning and Philanthropic Planning based in the Philippines, USA and Singapore.

They are value-oriented team, comprising of professionals of different expertise, Registered Financial Consultants, Certified Fund Raising Managers, Marketing & Business Consultants, infused together in one consulting firm. They are a fusion of individual uniqueness, union of varied expertise. Though diverse in experiences, they are devoted to one call.

Financial Consultancy
  • Finance has always been a ling to all areas of making each organisation/institution sustainable. SRG financial consultancy services open our paradigm of leading each org/institution in the most achievable way of sound financial roadmap
Philanthropic Consultancy
  • Spring Rain Global supports the work of philanthropy with their concern of professionalising the direct linkage between benefactor and the beneficiary.
Knowledge Transfer
Ecosystem of Sharing the Resources
PDO Product Marketing and Promotion
Policy Manual
Fundraising (Event & Program based activities)
  1. Eight Week Campaign for Fundraising
  2. Ten million Facebook friends for BSH PDO
  3. Institution Campaign for HIV and Migrant Children