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“Philanthropic Development Office” (BSH PDO) is a development wing of the congregation established at Bengaluru-Karnataka to focus on resource mobilisation and to offer support to various service centers. We are convinced of the help and collaboration of organisations, corporates and individuals it is possible to bring in the desired change.

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We believe that each one deserves to have dignified life

Integrated Community Development

Empowering the poor and the magrinalised communities by facilitating access of basic social and economic services as well as improving quality of their life.

Institutional Care and Support for Destitute

Creating positive loving environment were abandoned and neglected children and aged people feel at home. We provide residential care, schooling and vocational formation.

Rehabilitation for the Differently Abled

Developing the emotional, social and intellectual skills of physically and mentally challenged people and children who have to live, learn and work in the community.

Comprehensive Care and Treatment for HIV/AIDS

Improving the quality of life of the people and children living with HIV/AIDS ceasing the progression of clinical disease and decreasing HIV related morbidity and mortality rates. We provide medical care and improving health of HIV and AIDS.

Vocational Skills Training Development

Providing youth with knowledge, skills and competitiveness  required of jobs, thus empowering the youth to seize employment opportunities or equip them for self-employment.

Natural Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

Working with integrated system of plant and animal practices to enhance environmental quality and natural resources though sustainable agriculture.

Peace Building and Human Rights

Resolving injustice in non-violent ways embracing the principles of human equality and dignity and the commitment to respect and protect the rights of all people.

Lay Leadership and Faith Formation

Bringing lay people to deeper living of their Christian vocation in the world and to prepare them for more faithful and effective lay leaders in the Church.


Covid Relief Programme

The World Health Organisation and Public Health authorities around the world are acting to contain the COVID-19  outbreak. However , this time of crisis is generating stress throughout the population. Our PDO aims to provide awareness, food kit assistance, guidance and counselling and Arogyadhan , a post Corona initiative , to support the struggling families. 

Community Resilience

The outbreak of Covid 19 had affected the life of individuals from all

Save lives feed families

This is the ongoing programme as an intervention of COVID19.


This is the upcoming project of the BSHPDO which basically focus on
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BSH PDO publishes yearly report of their activities that support the marginalised and invites global attention of a new ecosystem of sharing


Our Vision

We envision a journey of people and organizations as channels of blessing where dreams and opportunities bring life with dignity and fullness to all.


Our Mission

We believe that each one deserves to have dignified life. However, with the challenges of the world today there is poverty, illiteracy and inequality. With these challenges we focus to provide opportunities to the beneficiaries through different advocacies.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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Focus areas include livelihood, community health, water & sanitation, education and skills development


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We are convinced of the help and collaboration of organisations, corporates and individuals 

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