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The Generalate will focus  on the general administration of the entire Institute, through implementing policies  , chapter decisions , protecting and preserving the sound tradition  and Constitution of the Institute.  The generalate undertakes Disaster Management, Health Emergency Programme ,  Impact Investments, Long Term Sustainability of suffering institutions and Community Resilience, other than formation program and financial management 

The Generalate is responsible for the governance of the following :


The network centers under the generalate are:

BIRDS - Bangalore

BIRDS HEAL - Gulbarga

THOZHAMAI ILLAM - Caussanelpuram

PLANET HOPE - Bangalore


JEEVA JYOTHI - Caussanelpuram

CURE - Mekkalur

FEEDS Caussanelpuram


The province administrations implement the chapter resolution and respond to the challenges encountered during the financial and academic year and bring proposals to the Executive Board of the Institute. 

The provinces focus to provide job opportunities in our institutions; leadership training for beneficiaries through capacity building, home for the orphans, HIV children, physically and mentally challenged, lay faithful, women abandoned and elderly are our mission priorities.

The Network Centers under the Angelo Province are:

Special School for Mentally Challenged - Paramagudi 

Angelo Home for Physically Challenged Ramnad 

Thembavani  - Mayiladuthrai 

Agri Farm - Mullipatti 

Michael Farm   - Athipet 

The network centers under the Caussanel Province are:

Aged Home  Kurichy

Vincent Farm -  - Mukkavar


The missions are the new initiatives of the Institute at the request of dioceses or organizations. We have two missions in India, North Mission  ( Madhya Pradesh and Bihar ) and Bala Yeshu Mission  (Telengana and Andhra Pradesh) and one Frontier Mission in France.

They are in developmental stage, strategic planning and long term goals one visualized to make concrete proposals for sustainability and reach out more beneficiaries.

The network centers under the North Mission are

BASE - Biharsharif

AKAS - Dhani

The network centers under the Bala Yeshu Mission are

CARE - Hindupur

CAFED - Venkatapuram